St. Panteleimon Russian Orthodox Church
Русская Православная Церковь
Св. Пантелеймонa
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad – Moscow Patriarchate
Русская Православная Церковь Заграницей - Московский Патриархат
Currently serving in the Library of Guardian Angels Anglican Church 1325 Cardinal Ln, Lantana, FL 33462 (please follow signs for St. Panteleimon Church)

Church building is now open for Services

The parish is holding services in a temporary chapel in the library of The Guardian Angels Anglican Church.
Наш приход временно проводит богослужения в библиотеке Англиканской Церкви Ангелов Хранителей по адресу:

The Guardian Angles Anglican Church
1325 Cardinal Ln. Lantana, FL 33462

Located in the library building on the south end of the property. Take Hypoluxo Rd East of I95, you go up a little hill in the road and Cardinal Lane appears on the left (North) side of the road. There is a used car lot on the corner. Go down Cardinal Lane and the Guardian Angels Anglican Church appears on the left (West) side of the street. Go in the main driveway and circle to the left between the large and small Church buildings on the left and the parish house on the right.  Proceed to the last building and doorway on the left. That is the entrance to the chapel. There will be some signs out to show the way.

Наш приход расположен в здании библиотеки  в южном конце. Если вы едете в южном направлении по I-95, вам нужно свернуть на  Hypoluxo Rd. , повернуть налево (на восток), подняться на небольшой холмик и слева  (на северной стороне) вы увидите Cardinal Ln. Справа по этой улице находится стоянка бывших в употреблении машин, а слева заправка. Продолжайте ехать прямо по этой улице, слева (на западной стороне) вы увидите Англиканскую Церковь Ангелов Хранителей. Заезжайте в главный вход и следуйте по круговому движению налево. Наш приход находится в последнем здании справа. Знаки также расставлены.

Distancing Procedures:
With the blessing of Metropolitan Hilarion we have, with great joy, reopened our Church for services. But Vladika has also directed that we do so following the strict guidelines for distancing etc. We will modify these restrictions as necessary as we move forward – the most important element is everyone’s compliance with them. 
Our chapel is very small, so we need to work together with love for one another in order to make this work. This is a long list, so please be patient and read it through: 

  • If you or anyone in your household is physically ill in ANY WAY, or you or anyone in your household has been exposed to someone who is physically ill in ANY WAY, do not attend church that week.
  • All attendees will be required to wear masks (NOT scarves or bandanas). The mask can be removed briefly when receiving communion only. If you arrive without a mask you will not be allowed to enter the church, or be asked to leave. A sign will be posted.
  • Anyone who possibly can is asked to come to confession on Saturday night after Vespers or before (by prearrangement only).
    • Confessions will be held in the hall as usual, but at a distance. 
    • If confessions are being heard in the hall please wait outside until they are over (or it is your turn).
    • Confessions WILL BEGIN at 9:15AM and WILL STOP at 10AM on Sunday morning. If you arrive after 9:30AM you will not receive Confession. Please understand that if several people arrive at 9:50 it will be impossible to hear all those confessions before 10AM.
    • We will no longer hear confessions after Liturgy - if you have not confessed on Saturday Night or Sunday morning you cannot receive communion.
  • Only one person will be assigned to sing in the Choir (as they must do so without a mask). The singer will be in the front of the church with their back to the congregation, who must try to remain 6 feet away.
  • The TV in the hall will be on to allow for more space between parishioners. If the church is crowded (There is no free chair to stand in front of) when you arrive you must stand in the hall (there are chairs there) and enter the church only to put candles, receive communion, and to be blessed with the cross at the end of Liturgy. Please keep ALL movement in the church and the hall and between the church and the hall to a minimum. Please don’t let children wander.
  • Veneration of Icons will consist of blessing oneself and bowing from the waist.
  • Being blessed with the cross consists of the priest blessing the people from the Royal Doors – there will be no lining up to kiss the cross.
  • You can get a blessing from the priest, but we will not venerate the priest’s hand.
  • Prosphora will be available in individual plastic bags after Liturgy. They will have been packed by someone wearing a mask and fresh gloves.
  • We will not kiss the chalice or wipe our mouths on the communion cloth after communion.
  • Nicholas will instruct the congregation just before communion on Sunday on how to receive.
  • There will be no coffee hour of any kind for the time being. The hall will have just chairs to mark where people should stand.
  • For the time being, people can send names into the sanctuary for commemoration, but we will not be putting prosphora loaves out with the names.
  • If possible, services will continue to be streamed for those that are ill or have been exposed and are therefore unable to come to church.

We should truly thank our Lord that we can once again gather as a community to pray and receive the sacraments. Experiences such as this do serve to make us appreciate the privilege we enjoyed of being able to do so in the past. We pray that over time things will return to normal, but that we will also not forget what we have all learned from this episode.

Thanks in advance to everyone for their understanding and support through all of this. I am very, very glad to be seeing you all again and to our praying together again!

Hearing of Confessions
Fr. Nicholas is available to hear confessions over the phone, by appointment, and at the appointed times after Vespers and before Divine Liturgy. Please call the church phone (561) 843-2663 or email Fr. Nicholas to make an appointment  for a time outside of services.

Memorial (pannikida) and Supplicatory (moliebin) services
If anyone would like to have a memorial service (pannikida) or supplicatory service (moliebin) please call or email Fr. Nicholas and we can make an appointment.

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